DIY Whiskey Beard Oil

written by Yoga David 4th November 2017


Are you planning on keeping your beard, healthy and thick this Movember? Do you love whisky? If you answered yes to both, pour yourself a dram of your choice and lets feed your lush beard with this easy to make whisky beard oil.

Whisky adds an outlandish (read manly) note to the fragrance of the essential oil plus compliments the mixture by giving it a lighter feel all while rejuvenating your facial hair.


  • 60ml glass bottle
  • 15ml whisky
  • 6–8 drops Essential Oil
  • 30ml Coconut Oil


  • Combine essential oil and whiskey in an empty 60ml glass bottle.  Shake well to disperse oils evenly.
  • Add coconut oil and shake again.

To use, apply a few drops to comb or palms of hands and work the oil into the beard. The first whiff you smell may be whisky, but the alcohol evaporates quickly, leaving your thirsty beard quenched and conditioned by the moisturizing coconut oil.

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