5 Surprisingly Tasty Whisky Cocktails Worth Trying

written by Yoga David 21st October 2015

For a Whisky consumer this drink can be truly in one’s spirit. Whether you are drinking bourbon from a flask or drinking a Mint flavour at an event, there is no soul this drink can’t appease. If you like it spicy, you can grab a bottle of rye. If you like it sweet then Bourbon is a best recommend. For those who like it edgy, a moonshine maybe? With many variety of whisky cocktails, it only makes sense to add some new cocktail recipes to your catalogue.

The Fourth Down Whiskey Cocktail

The Fourth Down Whiskey Cocktail

This is one of those drinks that might make one raise an eyebrow; however the taste will encourage another. This could be considered a very common drink, as it combines syrup, lime, whiskey, sauce, steak sauce.  The combination of tart and spice mesh well on the palate, and would likely compliment a steak dinner.

Irish Redhead

5 Surprisingly Tasty Whisky Cocktails Worth Trying

This is considered the most popular redhead we’re likely to ever meet, that’s if you into redheaded ladies.  A simple mix with clear soda, a splash of lemon, lime and grenadine, combined with a generous portion of your favourite Jameson Irish Whiskey. You’ll definitely take this ‘lady’ home, more often than not.


5 Surprisingly Tasty Whisky Cocktails Worth Trying

How about having a favorite drink named after a medicine? Yes Penicillin. This drink is an ancient medicinal recipe used since time. Just have ginger syrup, honey, lemon, a dash of scotch and whiskey, with slices of Ginger for garnish or additional flavour, a single drink and you kiss sinuses and tummy aches goodbye.

Blood Orange and Bourbon

5 Surprisingly Tasty Whisky Cocktails Worth Trying

Bitters and Blood orange juice has become quite a pair. Add some Angostura, or other bitters, with sparkling water, mint leaves, bourbon and orange slices for garnish, and the traditional screwdriver will never touch your lips again.

The Manhattan

5 Surprisingly Tasty Whisky Cocktails Worth Trying

This is a classic drink created in, and named after one of New York’s famous boroughs. Usually served on the rocks, it is made from whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters, with a maraschino cherry garnish.

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