Why Don’t We Have A Normal Date -A Beer Cooler That Blocks Mobile Internet Signals!

written by Yoga David 7th October 2013




Lately, there has been an outrage on cell phone overuse especially on smartphones which have become so affordable of late.

Use of phones in bars and restaurants is rampant and has hindered face to face interaction thanks to social media which can easily be accessed through our phones.

Brazilian lager brand Polar have come up with an interesting idea to get customers to talk to each other again. They have developed a beer cooler which blocks cell and mobile internet signals.

Developed in partnership with Paim, a communication agency, the device will use technology similar to those found in prisons where signals are jammed to prevent inmates from communicating with the outside world.

On a small scale, the beer cooler will jam signals on a radius of up to 1.5 meters and will be handed to consumers of Polar lager in selected venues in Sao Paulo.

When put in a cooler, the bottle signal blocker becomes activated jamming both 3G and 4G connections.

The cooler will also come with encrypted message explaining how the device works as it offers a talking point among friends trying to distract them from their phones.

Check out the video below- it explains the concept and how it works. Don’t forget to put captions on because it is in Portuguese.

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