Wine Chic(k): Who Run the World?

written by Annabel Onyango 6th December 2016

There are women who whisky and there are women who wine, Annabel Onyango comments on both.

I’m always taken aback by a woman who orders whisky. Something about my upbringing in the ‘80s makes me feel as if whisky is a drink for the hardened broads. Someone like Alexis Carrington from Dynasty who sitting in her gilded salon with perfectly manicured hands, would pour herself a shot glass from a crystal decanter while scheming on how to exterminate weaker rivals.

Sticking To Whisky

I have several lady-friends who drink it. They’re mostly alpha-females with budding empires and proper hustler mentalities. The other night, my girl (a successful recording artist) tells me she drinks only whisky because everything else gives her a headache. Another girlfriend of mine who has a couple of TV shows to her name will come for a visit asking for a double Jameson with ice.

Being of a gentler disposition myself, I’m always going to pick the wine option. As challenging of a day as I might have, wine is all the softness I need to take the edge off. I thoroughly enjoy the mildness of wine over the acerbic finish of whisky. But what does that say about me as a person? As a woman? That I’m weak while my friends are strong? That wine is soft and girlish while whisky is hard and masculine? Does the drink at the bottom of the glass create some great divide between girls?

Wine Picks: Sauvignon Blanc

If your preferred choice of drink is any indication of your personality, then there’s plenty of material out there for some expert to analyse. In fact I’m sure such information is little more than a Google away.

The basic truth is that women go through SO MUCH in life. The trials and tribulations of career, relationships, home, kids, health, body image, and a million other things in between that only other women understand is a silent and timeless struggle. But with tenacity and grace (and a stiff drink every now and then) women manage to power through, in a world “run” by men (who probably drink whisky) no less.

No matter their personality, no matter their poison of choice, women are fighters. From the aggressive sharks to the genteel wallflowers, women overcome. Women win. There is no drink that makes a woman less of a warrior. Yes, I only ever choose wine, but I have LIVED honey. I have a noble story to tell.

So my whisky-swigging sisters, I’m not judging. There’s an Alexis Carrington inside me somewhere – no-nonsense and prepared to do whatever it takes to come out on top. For those moments (and more moderate ones in between) I’ll have a glass of that good wine in hand.

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