Wine Not?

written by Michelle Slater 10th August 2015

Wine Not?

Given the abundance of sophisticated palates here in Nairobi, it was only a matter of time before Yummy pulled out all the stops on a dedicated wine issue.

If you’re anything like us and find yourself beaming at the very thought of a perfectly chilled Chablis, or like to fantasise about the perfect red wine and steak pairing, then you’ll definitely want to read on.

This month we pulled together a team of incredibly passionate and informed wine experts to give you the low down on all things
vino. Buying affordable yet socially acceptable wine is probably the biggest pain for most of us. With little guidance we often brave the supermarket aisles and stand there looking both overwhelmed and thirsty! We therefore called on one of Kenya’s most qualified sommeliers, Victoria Mulu-Munywoki’s, on page 41 to help break down exactly how we should approach these trips and fill our cart with ease; keeping both personal tastes and wallet in mind.

We then take a look at the fabulous women dominating the Kenyan wine industry on page 44- 45. Between them, these women have taken the industry to new heights and introduce fantastic wines to the market every year.

If you’re curious as to whether we produce wine just as good from within our borders, flip through to the Leleshwa story on page . We took a tour of the breathtaking vineyard located in Naivasha, where we discovered what a real labour of love this wine has been. Every year is a step towards perfection with their 2015 Sauvignon Blanc set to compete in the world-renowned South African Michelangelo Wine Awards later this year.

With wine having become a lifestyle for many Kenyans, our team also took a moment to explain all there is to know for a budding enthusiast and to break down the terminology, myths and etiquette that often leave many of us scratching our heads. Once equipped with this knowledge, our extended wine picks section made up of four glorious pages of affordable, mid range and splurge options will become the perfect guide for your next occasion. You’re going to look and sound like an absolute expert by the end of this.

I must finish off by highlighting our recipes section. Every month you tell us how much you love Amanda’s recipes so this month, the lovely folks at Nederburg went a step further and paired her wine infused recipes with a selection of their wines. So easy and simply delicious. For those of you that have spent the last few weeks at the mercy of a never healing flu (like most of us here at the office) I suggest you turn to this month’s hot cocktails recipe section. Yes, we are firm believers that steamy booze really is the only resort this cold season!

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