Wine Review:Les Clefs de Férignac, Saint Emilion

written by Jeannette Musembi 5th June 2013

1)      Area: France, Bordeaux, Saint Emilion

Saint Emilion is one of the most prestigious wine growing area around Bordeaux, Viticulture was introduced to this fertile region of south west France by the Romans, and intensified in the Middle Ages. The beautiful village of Saint Emilion and its wine growing surrounding have been classified as world Heritage by Unesco. The rules of wine making there are very strict and wines are made respecting tradition, use of chemicals is very restricted. It is an exceptional landscape devoted entirely to wine-growing.

2)      Grapes: 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc. When they make this wine they take a majority of the particular year (in this case 2007) and mix a little bit of 2 previous year wines (it’s called assemblage)

These Grapes come from vines which are just over 20 years old. It has matured for 20 months in wood barrels

3)       The caracteristic of this dry red wine stands in its generousity of taste, with lot of body and a well develop bouquet.

4)      This wine marry very well with any vegetables dish (ratatouille, vegetable quiche, vegetable tortilla…) and/or mild to medium strengh cheese (gouda, camembert…)

You can get the wine at Le Decanter Wine Shop at the ABC place on Waiyaki Way for only Kshs 2,200

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