#WineChick’s Choice Of Wine At Her Upcoming Wedding

written by Yummy Editorial 6th August 2015

Chanlis, I Do-#WineChick

As Annabel Onyango plans her perfect wedding, she ponders over the question that is grossly and universally underestimated by brides-to-be across the land: what wine will be served?

Talk to any unmarried girl over the age of 30 and she’ll have a pretty good idea what her wedding day will look like. Really, ask one. Single women of a particular age have had the benefit of time (at least a decade) to mull over a million bridal ideas, do creative calculations, work out financial algorithms and run at least a dozen Google searches on “bridal footwear”. At this point, they also have (after a decade of working for their own coins) enough maturity to have ‘realistic’ expectations. Plus they’ve sat through enough cheesy weddings to have a crystal clear idea of what they definitely don’t want. What you may be surprised to know is that when it comes to the possibility of our own weddings, most of us unmarried spinsters aren’t yet jaded. Something in our XX DNA still makes us want all the bells and whistles of a big, traditional, white wedding. The fairytale lives strong in our imaginations. The dream stays alive. So when the right boy finally comes along and puts a ring on it, we’re ready!

#WineChick's Choice Of Wine At Her Wedding

In the case of my particular wedding-to-be, aesthetics are everything. My special day will be full of only pretty things, pretty people in pretty clothes, and pretty things to eat and drink. A folder on my desktop creatively titled “Wedding Folder” is updated on a bi-hourly basis and is the foundation on which my bridal blueprint lies. If my computer crashes, I’ll have to cancel everything. Having never been a foodie my entire life, my reception dinner menu has now become the focus of all my waking hours. What hors d’oeuvres to serve with cocktails? How to dress the cater-waiters? What of the live cooking stations, how many will there be? But those are obvious. The question that is grossly and universally underestimated by brides-to-be across the land is: What wine will be served?

A couple’s taste in wine is tested on their wedding day. You want to give your guests something refined but universal, something that goes well with meat, chicken or fish. There has to be something red AND white – not too sweet and not too dry. Plus you’ll be paying for all of it, so… My groom and I will be drinking copious amounts of wine between now and our I do’s, in a finite quest to find those perfect bottles to serve our people. Not that that will be different from any other day, but at least now it’ll have a constructive purpose. You are invited to share a glass with us.

Annabel Onyango is an award- winning Fashion Stylist in Africa. She’s also a tv personality, social influencer, and taste-maker. Style is her do and end all.

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