Wines of Porto Enters Kenyan Market

written by Winnie Wangui 2nd September 2016

The wine market in Kenya has been on an upward trend as Kenyans appreciation for wine increases. International wine makers have been coming to Kenya in a bid to give Kenyan wine lovers more variety.

Wines of Porto specializes in Portuguese wines and have been in the Kenyan market Conde Villasince early this year. The unique factor of their wines is attributed to the climate and rich soils in Portugal. In fact, the Conde Villar a unique type of young white wine also known as Vinho Verde is only produced at the demarcated Vinho Verde region which extends across North West Portugal in the area traditionally known as Entre-Douro-e-Minho (between-Douro-and-Minho Rivers). This wine differentiates itself with it’s vibrance, elegance, lightness and the aromatic fruity and floral notes.


The white and red Tapada de Villar (DOC) possess a characteristic flatness of the Alentejo wine region caused by the lack of physical barriers which block condensation of humidity coming in from the ocean removing any hint of the Atlantic ocean expression in the Alentejo.

Wines of Porto are planning to host a wine tasting towards the end of the year. If you are a wine tapada_doc_tinto_-_siteenthusiast and you are yet to experience Portuguese wines, we have two red and white suggestions you can start with. The Conde Villar (white) whose flavour presents itself in a well-balanced medium structure features tropical aromas similar to pineapple, mango and citrines. It’s refreshing taste is great when chilled on a warm summer’s day. This wine is ideal for pairing with fish, seafood salads and poultry dishes and costs Ksh 1,695.

On the other hand, if you fancy a full-bodied variety, the Tapada de Villar (red) is a robust wine with intense fruity notes. The red cherry and plum flavours are the most pronounced with a chocolate and vanilla undertone from the oak barrels. This wine pairs best with beef dishes and only costs Ksh 2,275. If you wish to try out Wines of Porto, they are available on delivery on +254 718 023 984.

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