World’s largest chocolate bar

written by EatOut 17th June 2013

Article By Mirror.co.uk

Even the most dedicated chocoholic would struggle to get their teeth into this monster bar.Weighing almost six tonnes and measuring 13ft (4m) square, the giant slab of milk chocolate has officially broken the record for world’s largest chocolate bar.

It has been created by Thorntons in honour of the company’s 100th birthday and, after months of top-secret cooking, the 12,770lb (5,792.5kg) treat was unveiled in front of staff and visitors at the confectioner’s headquarters in Alfreton, Derbyshire.

Paul Bell, a stock controller in Thorntons’ toffee department, came up with the idea to celebrate the centenary and said creating it was no mean feat.

Mia Bell samples some of the world's largest chocolate bar (Pic: PA)

Mia Bell samples some of the world’s largest chocolate bar (Pic: PA)


“As you can appreciate, it was a massive task,” he said.

“On pouring day itself there were over 50 people involved pouring the chocolate into the mould and it took 10 hours to do it, then a further three days to cool off.”

Mr Bell, 34, from Heanor, was the first person to pour a bucket of chocolate into the stainless steel mould and said the recipe was exactly the same as Thorntons standard milk chocolate. An average bar weighs around 2.8oz (80g).

Guinness World Records adjudicators visited the factory and confirmed it had broken the record for the world’s biggest chocolate bar, Mr Bell said.

A company in America threatened to take the title when it created a similar mammoth block but fell short with its 12,125lb (5,500kg) effort.

The record-breaking chocolate bar will not go to waste. Mr Bell said it will be broken up with axes and given to Thorntons staff and customers in shops, as well as helping to raise money for charities.

Being surrounded by chocolate has not put Mr Bell off.

“I’m never sick of the sight of chocolate,” he said.

“That’s one of the perks of the job – you can have one every day, as long as you’re within reason, of course.”

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