Would You Pay Over 1 Million Ksh For A Dorito Chip?

written by Leroy Buliro 10th July 2018

To celebrate the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the movie’s overlords teamed up with Frito Lay to make the World’s largest Doritos chip ever made.

What first started as a joke where the chip was made by merging Doritos with dinosaur DNA ended up being an Uber sensation when one of the chips was put on auction on eBay. Out of the 100 Jurassic Doritos Limited Edition made, only one was put on auction in an effort to raise money for the Red Cross to cater for disaster relief in Hawaii. The rest were made available to the public through giveaways on twitter

After 75 bids somebody paid a whopping $12,611 (Ksh 1,272,576) for the big orange tortilla chip.

One of the nacho flavoured Jurassic Dorito is about 18 times the size of a regular Dorito and is packaged inside a custom-designed, prop-replica dinosaur egg and metal case.

For those of you not caked up enough to drop commas on a tortilla chip, Doritos is allowing fans to tweet at them for a chance to win a big ol’ Dorito of their own and all you have to do is tweet @Doritos with the hashtags #JurassicDoritos and #entry.

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