Yummy Easter

written by Fred Mwithiga 21st March 2015

Yummy Easter

There is no shortage of fun activities that can be done during the Easter Holidays to get the entire family involved. When you are done baking and kneading and rolling and mashing; take off your apron, head for the garden and don’t forget to reach for your inner Peter Pan, so you can show those little ones how it’s really done! The following are a bunch of great game suggestions that won’t fail to become a part of family traditions for years to come.

Egg Toss

This fun game actually seems much riskier than it is. It involves quite the mess, some family- style retribution and can be enjoyed at a very low cost. To play, simply find an outside area (preferably away from all things valuable) and mark lines. Split everyone into pairs and have them try tossing an egg back and forth without breaking it.

Egg Painting

This fun time activity gets kids (and let’s face it, adults) into an artistic mindset by getting to paint their very own Easter egg. It’s surprisingly easy to do, in lieu of getting an egg dying kit, they can be made at home. Simply twist metal wire in a circle with a “handle” so it’ll hold an eggs weight. Next, hard-boil as many eggs as you can and fill different cups (ones that you don’t care much for) with warm water and food colouring. Dunk the eggs into the desired colour and voila! The family will have instant Easter eggs and a great time to boot. If you want to take it an extra step invest in some fabric pens and let your imagination take control.

Egg Hunt

Sticking with traditional Easter games is the heart of the celebration. This one is always a fun challenge that is sure to keep the kids busy for at least a few hours (depending on your hiding prowess). Take all of those lovely decorated Easter Eggs you have been slaving over and hide them both indoors and out- some in obvious places and some a bit more advanced. You can also hide a variety of other goodies like chocolate eggs, filled plastic eggs and even colored marshmallows.

Game Day

It seems a bit obvious but organising a great game day is always a fun way to pass the Easter holiday. The possibilities are endless with this one and on a rainy day, indoor geared games can easily fill the void. Mix up the activities like Hide and Seek, Capture the Flag, Egg Toss with a good old fashioned sack race. This is the ultimate low budget and high fun option, and however you can stretch it, your mind is the only limit to the games your family can enjoy!

Picnic Lunch

In the gorgeous spring weather, why not go outside and enjoy a proper family meal in the great outdoors? We hear Karura forest and the Arboretum are delightful this time of year. Throw on your family’s weekend best and put some lunch in a basket. Depending on your level of culinary expertise, this can be anything from simple sandwiches and crisps all the way up to pasta salads, scotch eggs and grilled delights. Let the kids expend some energy and change up the everyday meal with a proper celebration of the holiday.

Any one of these great activities can be great fun for everyone involved. You can even put several of them together for an entire day of fun that the family will be thanking you for weeks after!

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