Yummy Interview of the Week: SuperChef Season 3 Winner Ashwiner Sokhi Shares her Experience

written by EatOut 22nd July 2013

…”Ashwinder Sokhi remained calm, perhaps the experienced mother can deal with uncertainty better and maybe that was where she beat the guys. With a prawn cocktail, and stuffed chicken and the chocolate éclairs carved a path to victory…”

Those were a just a short excerpt from the press release that was sent out immediately the winner of the amateur culinary challenge ”Sunrice Sungold SuperChef Season 3” was announced.

Yummy was definitely eager to find out more about this talented winner from Kisumu who swept the judges off their feet with her genius creations.

Here is what she had to say:

Ashwinder Sokhi - Ksm

Is cooking a sport/ hobby for you or have you pursued it professionally?
Cooking is my hobby!


What dish got you into the Superchef Season 3 challenge?
My chocolate mousse meringue!


Did you think you would make it that far in the competition/if so why?
Although i had hopes, i didn’t think i would make it so far!


If you had to do it all over again what would you change?
I would improve on my presentation…


What was your best experience at SuperChef Season 3?
I enjoyed the challenge where we were given a budget to go and shop at Nakumatt


What challenges did you come across?
I feel time was the biggest challenge and even worse when we had to take over someone else’s counter in the final round.


Could you please give us some tips as what to prepare for before the competition?
To stay calm and to stick to a simple menu.


What is your favorite cook book?
I like Hamlyn’s cookbooks


If you were the producer of SuperChef, would you change anything?
Not really! Everything was well organized.


What would you tell someone who is looking to become a cook?
It’s a pleasure to cook for people. Go for it!


Your favorite restaurant in Kenya…

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