Yummy’s Stay at Home Guide

by David

When the Coronavirus hit, no one had anticipated how quickly our lives would change. Everything has been turned upside down and now we have to stay at home to help save lives. However, if you feel like you’re losing your sanity, we understand. Being indoors voluntarily is a good deed but it tends to feel exhausting at some point.

We have a stay at home guide for you and it includes meals and drinks, home cooking tips and apps and websites you’ll need during this period. This is basically your survival guide for social-distancing and quarantine.

Basics to Know About Covid-19 and Preventive measures
Stay at Home App & Order In
  • EatOut (for an update on all restaurants doing deliveries during this time)
Stay at Home Platforms for Groceries/Supplies Delivery
Simple Stay at Home Recipes




Desserts and Snacks


Stay at Home Home Cooking Tips and Guides

Have a look at our past digital editions for recipe inspiration and find more recipes here.


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