Yummy Valentine

written by Michelle Slater 8th February 2016

yummy valentines

The month of love is finally here! Valentine’s Day may make a few of us cringe a little, especially the borderline cheesy Hollywood-style romantic gestures, but let’s face it: deep down we’re hopeless romantics and adore the love laced attention. This month we at Yummy have indulged our passion for all things romantic! I remember when Valentine’s Day once consisted of receiving a poorly wrapped selection of discounted chocolates from the corner store, shoved in your face by your then awkward and pubescent partner.

These days, couples display their affection with numerous romantic gestures! It could be a relaxing secluded weekend getaway or lavish candlelit dinner with an elaborate bouquet of exotic flowers (because, for some, roses apparently don’t make quite the statement they once did!) Chocolates, of course, will always take center stage! And no, not my sad teenage versions but a mouthwatering selection of artisan truffles and gourmet Swiss chocolate boxes which will easily set you back almost as much as the meal you’ll splash out on that night. You’ve got to love Valentine’s Day!

If you are planning on going all in to declare your love and need some inspiration, why not start off by trying a few of our simple yet delicious recipes along with a couple of our decadent cocktails options on page 37 and 44 respectively. If you’re thinking of escaping the city for the weekend, read about Ami Doshi- Shah’s magical retreat in Naivasha’s Hippo Point Sanctuary. If you’re however simply on the hunt for a romantic spot for two, our favourite foodie- Susan Wong- is wooed back into Tapas Ceviche at Westgate, an old flame that she promises will never disappoint!

I know it can seem like there is a lot of fuss and pressure around Valentine’s (especially for you gents) but here’s a thought: isn’t it beautiful that we have a day dedicated to loving one another and boldly displaying it? The best part is that it need not be limited to a romantic partner. Last year I happily spent the day with my sister and a large bottomless glass of wine! So whether you’ll be giggling over cocktails with the girls, helping your kids make mummy some breakfast in bed or tucking into a box of chocolates while binge watching a rom com on your sofa, we at Yummy wish you a love-filled Valentine’s Day. We hope this edition will give you some inspiration in the build up to the day!


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