Yummy’s Eid Gift Guide

by David

Life hasn’t been the same since the pandemic hit. Even then, we appreciate when we get the opportunity to celebrate beautiful events such as Eid. During these odd times, apart from tasty recipes, a gift goes a long way to soothe hearts and spread a little hope. We scoured the Internet and found a few gifts you can get your loved ones or even yourself during Eid.

Chai Tea Eid Gift Box

chai tea

chai tea

This luxurious gift box is packed with desserts. On top of that, the balloons pictured and the Eid card are also part of the package. The box goes for Ksh1,500. They also have the option of a geo chocolate heart box that goes for Ksh 1,000 and then you can add a few more items you like. Find them on Instagram.









Frenchmaid Bakery cake 

French maid bakery

French Maid Bakery

An indulgent chocolate cake and a couple of friends to enjoy it with? Sounds like the perfect Eid plan! Head on over to Frenchmaid Bakery’s page and order one of their signature cakes: decadent chocolate fudge cake, coffee cake, blackforest cake or vanilla cake. Prices start from Ksh 950 for half a kilogram.











stir me tea

stir me tea

With this chilly weather, tea is definitely a welcome Eid gift. Stir Me Tea has an amazing selection of tea and we recommend the Zafrani Chai or the Masala chai. The tea will warm your soul and bring you joy this season. Visit their website to make your orders.












When it comes to gifting, it’s always the thought that counts. Chokoleti, on Instagram, have ‘Eid Mubarak’ branded chocolate bars on pre-order. This is a well thought out gift to give your Muslim friends and family. They have an assorted range of golden caramel chocolate Bar,  white chocolate with caramel fudge bits, milk chocolate with brownie fudge bits, strawberry orange chocolate bar, dark chocolate with hazelnuts and more. Hurry, because they’re flying off the shelf!










Sugarbaked Mini cakes 

sugar baked


If you love tasty desserts, you’ll love these mini cakes from Sugarbaked. So how about you spoil a friend or two with a boxful of these goodies! These mini cakes have decadent layers of fluffy vanilla and blueberry sponge infused with a sweet rose gin and swirled cream frosting. Prices start at Ksh 1,800. Visit the Sugarbaked website to order or find them on Instagram.









Sweet Tooth Eid offer

sweet tooth

Sweet Tooth

Cheesecake lovers, there’s something special for you. And it’s not just cheesecakes, but no-bake cheesecakes, which means less hustle for you. This Eid, Sweet Tooth has a 10% off on their sweet boxes. Inside, you’ll find deliciously tasty cheesecake cups in various flavours such as; cookies and cream, lemon & blueberry, espresso & caramel and very berry. Find them on Instagram to make your order and gift someone close to you.








What Eid gifts will you be getting your friends and family this year?






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