Zing – Nairobi’s coolest new cocktail Bar

written by Liz Maelane 5th September 2014



Dusit’s Zing bar ground floor bar (pool bar to be opened soon) is a large and inviting space colored with well-chosen furniture and art , it provides the perfect setting for an after-work sundowner. Try one of their signature cocktails, the “Gin & Zing” – Zing’s twist on the classic Gin & tonic, made with crushed pineapple and a lively blend of citrus. Also try their special, hand-crafted, non-alcoholic sodas made from fresh, natural ingredients with flavours such as orange, lemon and ginger.  If you want to take your drink outside, Zing bar even opens up to a lovely deck with a cosy lounge area.

We recently announced the opening of Dusit’s Soi (Thai Restaurant) & Soko (International All Day Dining). Apart from their impressive kitchen skills, the most prominent aspect of the 3 outlets—and the entire hotel in fact—is the impeccable design and décor. It is quickly evident that an intense amount of thought went into each drinking glass, picture frame and living space.  Be a part of this proud new addition to the Nairobi restaurant scene.

To find out more about the menu and make a booking click here!

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