Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Premium Olive Oil

by David

Every time you cook and enjoy your food, it’s an investment to your body. Now, imagine food that’s not only deliciously flavourful but also has high nutritional value! That’s an experience you need in your everyday life. 

You know that favourite chicken salad you enjoy making? Or that kachumbari you prepare to enjoy alongside some beef stew or coconut rice? You don’t need much to make those dishes extra special. Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the secret wow factor. 

Altis is the number one extra virgin olive oil in Greece. The olives used to make it are handpicked by farmers from the finest olive groves. The olive oil is then extracted using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. The final product, is, as you’d expect, exceptional. 

We know you put extra effort to keep your body fit and healthy. That’s why the nutritional value of what you eat counts. Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil has numerous health benefits. Vitamin E, vital for healthy hair and skin, is richly available in the Altis Extra Virgin Oil. Plus, the monosaturated fats and antioxidants, lower cholesterol accumulation in the blood, thus helping reduce heart problems.

It’s no secret that the bright smiles and resilient bodies of your kids bring you immense satisfaction. They are at a unique age where what they eat is meant to foster growth. And you know what, you no longer have to be conflicted about what oil to use. The robust and well-balanced profile of Altis Extra Virgin Oil is not only good for you but also helps build strong healthy bodies for the little ones. 

Altis Olive Oil

But what’s good food without great taste and appetizing aroma, right? Let the exquisite scents of olives, green herbs, spice and apple rich in Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil set the stage for a delicious dish of cornmeal, stew and vegetables even before the dish lands at the dining table. 

If your mind has wandered off and is bursting with recipes you want to try out with Altis Extra Virgi Oil, we don’t blame you. This oil is irresistibly great for everyday cooking. We’re pressed to ignite your curiosity a little more. Does this olive stand the test of time? Oh yes!

Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil maintains its excellence throughout its life cycle, till the last drop due to its low smoking point. Using it means that you’re able to maintain the consistency of your food, quality and derive health benefits. It’s that sort of reassurance that keeps the kids and family raving about the food and the comfort of knowing they’re enjoying a healthy meal. 

What are you waiting for? Pop by at your favourite retailer and grab a bottle of Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 


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